Customer FAQ

Why use SD Transportation?
SD Transportation has been in business since 1986, and with our experience in the business we understand the importance of delivering your freight on time.

What regions does SD Transportation service?
SD Transportation provides inbound and outbound services to all 48 states.

Do you have a remit to address?
Yes, we prefer all checks remit to SD Transportation, PO Box 100, Dept. NO. 1503, Bixby, OK 74008-0100.

Can SD Transportation handle FTP load tendering?
Yes we have the capability to handle FTP load tendering.

What is your capacity in regard to available equipment?
SD Transportation has over 17,000 carriers on contract to move freight. Our Carrier Resource Department sets new carriers up daily.

Still have Questions?

Email us at
or call us at

Carrier FAQ

Where do I send my Bills? 
Send your bills to our P.O. Box:
PO Box 2147, Sand Springs, OK 74063 or email them to

Can I Fax in my bills or do I need to mail them?
In some cases faxed legible bills are accepted. Please discuss this with your broker.

How do I check my payment status?
Contact your broker and have your SD load number available. If you do not have the load number know the day and location you picked up.

What are SD Transportation Payment Terms?
We pay net 30 days once legible bill of lading and invoice are received.

Are there restrictions when receiving a comcheck?
If you use a factoring company, we must have written permission from the factoring company stating advances are permitted.

Do you offer quick pay?
Yes we do offer quick pay. There is a fee for quick pay. Check with your broker on applicable fees.

Do you offer dedicated lanes?
This varies by customer. Check with our offices during regular business hours.